Know what’s going on inside the dilla cave.


note to self:  pop screens are like mirrors for your breath.




 Sub-Telectual Pressure

You’re on the road…

Haven’t slept in 3 days, you’re in Wilmington, Delaware, lying on a couch, in a patio, just as it starts to rain at 7am when the words come flying out of your mouth,when asked to describe the situation…,”Subtelectual pressure.”




Cumber-bun Reality

It’s the second day of our east coast romp’n'stomp, we’ve driven across two states and haven’t had a bite in quite a while.  Oh, did I mention we haven’t been to sleep yet…

Amongst the bouts of silliness from the delirium a new phase is coined,”Cumber-bun Reality.”  Yes, the moment when space and time don’t matter anymore. You are strictly dealing with the universe now. All that really matters is that you’re in a tiny diner with a plate of steamy fried chicken with a side of map colors and construction paper. Thanks Philadelphia!

p.s.  you misspelled Cumber-bun.

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