The Zombies Were Rocked_Success On All Fronts

As the sun set on Saturday, October 27th, rumblings and rumors were abound of an event gearing up to take Halloween 2012 with the furry of a thousand suns!  Yes indeed, Zombie Ball was once again a raving success with all the ghouls, goblins, ghosts and, of course, zombies regaling in the wondrous atmosphere of Moody Theater.

We would like to thank all of those who joined us in celebration of the Night and delighted in all that Zombie Ball had to offer.  Cheers to the lovely ladies of the Haunted Cabaret, Austin legends The Scabs and funk masters The Pimps of Joytime.

Finally, an enormous Thank You to the Moody Theater Staff whose courtesy and professionalism shone throughout the evening and made for an amazing experience that shall not soon be forgotten.

Stay tuned for pictures and video of the most magnificent evening!

See y’all next year!

The Dillion


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