Gearing Up for Zombie Ball 2012!

Hello one and all.

As Halloween slowly approaches the fair city of Austin, Texas, we at Killa Dilla are once again making preparations to take the stage for the 4th Annual Zombie Ball!

Saturday, October 27th is the date.  8pm is the time.  Moody Theater is the location.

Wont’ you join us?

Together with “Bob Schneider and The Scabs” and Brooklyn Funk Geniuses “The Pimps of Joytime” we promise no stone will be left unturned and all shall be Funked and/or ROCKED!

Details are below for tickets, directions and the like.

As always, we encourage all of our fellow Halloweeners to bring it with the most insane, outrageous and downright looney costumes you can find.  This year promises to be the best Zombie Ball yet!

We hope to see you there.

Yours in Blessed Rock & Rollation,

The Dillion


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